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Let's Bring Back Customer Satisfaction Together

At Elite Care AI, our sole purpose is to bring back the lost
art of customer service by creating the world's best customer-to-business
communication system. We believe that every business should strive to have 100%
satisfied customers at all times. With this vision in mind, we have developed a
state-of-the-art system that guarantees exceptional customer experiences.


The inspiration behind our enhanced SMS platform came from
carwash owners who were dissatisfied with the current SMS options available.
These platforms lacked the intuitiveness required to keep up with the
fast-paced and complex nature of carwash businesses. Existing solutions merely
offered basic texting capabilities from a desktop, without providing the
essential tools carwashes needed.


Understanding the unique needs of carwashes, we set out to
create a mobile platform that could be accessed by all employees, allowing
businesses to send emails, texts, and Google My Business messages from one
unified inbox. Moreover, we incorporated a task manager feature to help
businesses manage and prioritize tasks that arise throughout the day. By
providing a comprehensive solution, Elite Care AI finally met the demands of
carwashes and ensured effective communication among team members.


We recognize the importance of clear and concise
communication, particularly in businesses with multiple employees operating
from a single location. Miscommunications often occur in such environments,
leading to inefficiencies. To address this challenge, we made it a priority to
develop an SMS platform accessible to every employee at the branch. This
ensures seamless communication, enables efficient task allocation, and
minimizes misunderstandings, allowing businesses to run smoothly and


Today, Elite Care AI serves not only carwashes but also
thousands of businesses across the nation. Our software was designed with
businesses in mind, incorporating state-of-the-art SMS technology while
ensuring mobile accessibility. We understand that in today's fast-paced world,
businesses need to stay connected and manage tasks on the go. Our platform
empowers businesses to do just that.


We take pride in offering the best ecosystem in the world,
constantly striving to enhance our technology and exceed customer expectations.
Our dedication to continuous improvement ensures that our customers are always
completely satisfied with our services.


Join us at Elite Care AI and experience the difference our
cutting-edge platform can make for your business. We are here to revolutionize
customer service and provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

Welcome to the future of customer communication. Welcome to
Elite Care AI.


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Our Mission

"For the customers we will never meet: We collaborate, innovate, and support our members to achieve a nationwide standard of excellence in business to customer relationships".

Our Standards

Being Relevant

We want to help you be relevant so you can serve your customers at a higher level.

Memorable Branding

Our goal is to help give you the tools & resources to maximize your growth.


At Elite Care AI, we guarantee that each business retains full ownership of their data, and our Terms of Service strictly prohibit any tampering, unauthorized access, or sale of business information.


CHATT's tools give you the ability to perform at your best on all platforms.

Multidisciplinary Team

We employ a highly diverse team in skills & culture to serve you better.

Recent Technology

We strive to bring you the best tools the market has to offer.

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